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Increase product awareness & in-store sales


Could you tell us why you decided to use Lemon Square for this promotion?

We would like to increase awareness of "Gumi supplements KIDS" by utilizing Instagram, which is strong in reaching mothers in their 20s-40s who have children because the awareness of "Gumi supplements KIDS" is low and we were worried about how to promote it.

You would like to build a relationship with mothers in their 20s to 40s, right? Could you tell us more about the actual strategy you implemented with Lemon Square?

We giftered 120 mom influencers in their 20s-40s who have children between the ages of 2 and 12 in hopes that they would post spontaneously.

In addition to gifting, we also aimed to reach a wider audience by targeting top rankings when searching for "gummy supplements" on Instagram and asking them to include a photo of the product alone in their post.


We were able to achieve our KPI with a 95% influencer posting rate and a per-reach price of 1.2 yen.

In addition, store sales increased by 143.6% year-on-year and 122.6% month-on-month, leading to actual purchases.

The number of visitors to the brand page also increased by 180% in the month of the influencer's post, and the number of visitors has continued to increase by more than 200% since the month of the post, leading to continuous brand recognition.

How has it been from the perspective of aiming for higher rankings on Instagram?

We were able to rank 9th in terms of popular posts for "#supplements".

We think this is a result of the fact that the PR was not one-sided on the part of the manufacturer, but rather, it was a PR campaign that incorporated the products into our lifestyles, which led to a better understanding of the products.

What are your future prospects?

We are planning to implement "Gumi Supplement KIDS" campaign again.

We would also like to promote another product (protein bar) in the same way to continue raising brand awareness.

Support for the interview

Marketing Department, UHA Mikakuto Co., Ltd.


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